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2010 January 15 — TV Tattle

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

Conan's settlement with NBC could be worth $30 to $40 million
Negotiations should be completed Saturday, but according to the NY Times, Conan "is expected to get a settlement that will pay him more than $30 million. In addition, under the terms now on the table, he would win the right to start a new show at some other network, probably as early as September." The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, reports that "estimates of the financial settlement ranged anywhere between $25 million and $35 million. One person familiar with the situation said the total package could be closer to $40 million, although that figure was disputed by others." A source tells Nikki Finke, "Zucker's NBC spin puts it at $25 million. But it's a lot closer to $40 million than $25 million. And Conan was adamant that NBC take care of the people close to him — (executive producer) Jeff Ross and the staff who moved out to Los Angeles."
Conan puts "Tonight" souvenirs on eBay // watch the video
Conan: We received more than 3,000 Craigslist offers
Sarah Silverman backs Conan: She was on his first week in 1993
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" repeats the Leno special on Monday
10 lessons from the book "The Late Shift"
What if Fox and ABC aren't options for Conan? Will he go to cable?
Quit blaming Leno!: He's had 2 shows taken away from him by NBC
NBC's "new" 10 PM lineup: Fred Willard! Fred Willard! Fred Willard!
Conan survives NBC parking lot shootout

Leno fires back at Letterman: "Oooh, I'm getting beat up in the press"

"Even David Letterman is taking shots at me," Jay Leno said in Friday's monologue. "Which surprised me. Usually he’s just taking shots at the interns. I was stunned by that. It was a shock."

Is Jimmy Fallon now heir apparent to "The Tonight Show"?

Fallon, at age 35, can be patient with Jay Leno, making him most eligible person to inherit the 11:35 timeslot.


January 15, 2010

"Two and a Half Men" cancels Friday's taping over threat to Jon Cryer
TMZ reports that tonight's taping was canceled due to a "significant" threat connected to Cryer's ex-wife.

CBS greenlights "Hawaii Five-O"

The remake will come from "Fringe" co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and "CSI: NY" executive producer Peter Lenkov.

Ricky Gervais: "I can't flop. 'Cause I don't care!"

He says of his Golden Globes hosting gig: "I don't care about ratings or opening weekends or anything like that. I care about whether I enjoyed doing it and whether I'm happy with the result." PLUS: How did Gervais land Golden gig?

Gena Rowlands lands on "NCIS"

The three-time Emmy winner will play Gibbs' mother-in-law.

ABC unveils 3rd "Lost Supper" image

Why is everybody looking at Locke?

Heidi Fleiss booed as she's evicted from "Celeb Big Brother"

The bedridden Fleiss left the house in her pajamas and slippers. (Watch her exit interview)

"Idol's" Kara nemesis says it was all an act

The bespectled Scott McKenzie wanted to ensure some air time for himself.


January 15, 2010

George Clooney's Haiti telethon will air just about everywhere
ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW, HBO, VH1, CMT and CNN are among the outlets that will carry the fundraiser next Friday.

E! picks up reality show starring teen burglar to the stars

"Pretty Wild" stars sisters Tess Taylor, Alexis and Gabrielle Neiers on the young Hollywood social circuit. You might recall that Alexis was arrested in a string of celebrity homes.

How many NBC jokes will Ricky Gervais tell at the Golden Globes?

It's likely he won't ignore this week's Conan-Leno feud. PLUS: Gervais quits Twitter.

Rosie O'Donnell wants a "Glee" hookup with Sue Sylvester

"Maybe she and I like fall in love and have a torrid affair," she says.

"The Haitian" from "Heroes" learns his parents are alive

"I got a phone call from my sister who said she was able to reach home," said Jimmy Jean-Louis on Thursday. " So I picked up the phone and my mom answered. The first reaction from both of us was simply to cry."

Comedy Central won't yank Artie Lange special, despite his suicide attempt

"Jack and Coke" will air this month after the cable channel determined that Artie will be okay.

Chris Harrison wants Rozlyn to return — he was friends with fired "Bachelor" producer

"Hopefully she will come on to the 'Women Tell All' episode and sit down and talk to me," says "The Bachelor" host. Meanwhile, one "Bachelor" contestant says all she saw was "snuggling" between Rozlyn and the producer.

Noah Wyle separates from his wife

Divorce hasn't been filed, but the former "ER" star is in mediation with his wife of 11 years.


January 15, 2010

Let's face it: Conan's "Tonight Show" stunk
Self-confessed "Cocophile" Bryan Curtis was left "utterly bored" by Conan's "Tonight," pointing out that nobody seems to be defending the quality of his seven-month stint. "When O’Brien sat down at Johnny’s desk, the gravitas seemed to throw off his balance," he says. "The show’s first week was an embarrassing celebration of all things Conan—see the opening sketch. It should have rightly celebrated the whole Conan traveling circus, from the dog to the masturbating bear."
Conan's ratings continue to rise // "I'm With Coco" rally planned for Monday
Craig Newmark e-mailed "The Tonight Show" about the Craiglist ad
Report: Conan's people are in no rush — they want to keep this in the headlines
Team Conan responds to Dick Ebersol: A 62-year-old sports producer giving us advice?

Conan in 2004 talks about rejecting Fox's big bucks — $25M a year!

In April 2004, months before there was a Leno succession plan, Conan spoke to the NY Times at length about his desire to host "The Tonight Show." "It's hard for me emotionally to say: how can Leno deserve to be there, when I deserve to be there? I don't feel that in my bones," Conan said at the time. "My agents can say that — and they do. But I have no control over them. They're Rottweilers that I bought. Their job is to attack. My job is to say: dear me. But I don't expect things that are unrealistic."

Watch Howard Stern warn Conan about Leno back in 2006

"Do you really think that's going to happen?" Stern said of the late-night transition. "I don't see this guy leaving, and letting you walk in. And I'm concerned about you."

Leno in 1992 was outraged at prospect of losing "Tonight Show" to Letterman

"Would I go to CBS if they asked me?" Leno said at the time. "Of course. I'm not going to do some little happy hour from Omaha at 12:30." PLUS: Read an excerpt from "The Late Shift."

Why comedy writers hate Leno: He's too perfect!

As Nathan Rabin points out, "He’s been married to the same woman for decades. He has amassed a vast fortune working nonstop yet never spends his money on anything other than his overflowing collection of sports cars. He seems devoid of angst. He suffers from a terrible dearth of personal demons. Leno is so normal and functional that he’s practically a freak. That creeps out comedy writers who would rather have their heroes stagger into the gutter, penniless and filled with contempt for a world that has shunned them, than play yet another Indian casino to pay for that 32nd Maserati."

Conan offered a "Sons of Anarchy" cameo

"We have," says "Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter, "an IRA story line that will continue to play out this coming season and I could use a bad-ass O'Brien on my team. Guns, blood, fist fights — you could really work some sh*t out.  Think about it."

NBC ought to end this "beat down of epic proportions"

"Leno and NBC are getting killed from all sides," says Tim Goodman, adding: "It gets worse night by night. Somebody at NBC needs to make like Roberto Duran and get the 'no mas' message out there. Well, as someone who is absolutely loving this, I'd prefer they didn't. But from a purely brand-abuse point of view, hell, they've got to make it stop."

Is Jimmy Kimmel the big winner of the Jay/Conan war?

He's not even part of the story, yet he's responsible for two of this week's funniest late-night bits.

Can Jay Leno's image recover?

He's trying to paint himself as the underdog, and he just might succeed if everybody gets their digs in at him.


January 15, 2010

"24" returns: It's sort of like "The Office"
As "24' returns for its 8th season Sunday, Hank Stuever observes: "Personally, I always thought '24' worked best as a dark comedy about the despair of the inept American workplace — sort of like 'The Office,' only with more loss of limb. It was, and still is, a show about people trying to pass the buck to cover their asses, or take undeserved credit for the work of others, or scheme their way to the top of the Counter Terrorism Unit. The show's history is rife with bad bosses and horrible HR protocols. The harder he works, the worse Jack is treated, and I think this is the best reason to stick with '24.' Jack started out at the top and worked his way down, down, downsized — a non-entity, an ex-employee, a badgeless rogue who is always being thanklessly asked back to work."
First few hours of this season are a drag
Katee Sackhoff was a "24" fan // Q&A with Sackhoff // Dinglehopper!?
Kiefer Sutherland's plays chess during "24" breaks
Cherry Jones: "I danced an Irish jig" when I learned I'd be returning

"Idol" boss congratulates Simon, but calls "X Factor" a knockoff

The show, Simon Fuller says in a letter, was "in the same vein as 'Idol.'"

Tom Hanks fought for his "Pacific" vision

"There were," he says, 'those of us on the producing team that thought context was a waste of time once we got involved in the characters and story … we fought over every single one of these moments … (but) we didn't take marching orders."

Holly Madison is latest "Girl Next Door" to get an E! spinoff

Cameras will follow her as she works in Vegas.

NBC's "Undercovers" makes history with a pair of biracial leads

Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, both of mixed-race descent, will play husband and wife in the J.J. Abrams drama.

"Human Target" is the anti-"24"

The new Fox drama, says Tim Goodman, has "the potential to offer viewers the action, suspense and intrigue that the veteran '24' so quickly lost. Yes, '24' is exhilarating if you enjoy its roller-coaster nature and exciting impossibilities. But it quickly became ridiculous to the point of drinking-game fodder. For years it was Fox's funniest series. To watch it now – or endure it – relegates the viewer to the status of some sad junkie, just shooting up any old ingredient for a cut-rate high. 'Human Target,' on the other hand, at least gives viewers a chance to get an adrenaline-laced ride on the couch without feeling ashamed when it's over."
"Think Jack Bauer with excellent grooming" // Focus is on "comic" and "book"
"Human Target" uses a very retro, theatrical opening credits



January 15, 2010

Simon Cowell turned down "Idol's" $100M, wants to hire Tommy Mottola for "X"

Why did Kara DioGuardi change her "Idol" look?

"Pants on the Ground" man explains his song to Ryan Seacrest

NBC shouldn't have aired back-to-back "30 Rock" episodes this week

Watch Jimmy Fallon inspect Elmo on "Sesame Street"

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