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2010 February — TV Tattle

February 2010

February 28, 2010

Rain pours on "The Bachelor" wedding
Check out photos of Jason Mesnick getting hitched to Molly Malaney on Saturday. According to Us Weekly, "The ceremony took place on a lawn overlooking the ocean; the couple exchanged vows beneath an altar made of tree branches, white lillies and orchids. Wearing a strapless Monique Lhuillier gown and Neil Lane jewels, holding an all-white bouquet, Malaney walked down the aisle as American Idol alum Jason Castro performed 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' White doves were released in the middle of the ceremony."

Paula Abdul turns down "Dancing"

According to TMZ, Paula won't be joining the ABC show in any capacity.

Janice Dickinson to star in her own "Bachelorette"

"Boy toys" will compete for her affection as part of a reality show the 55-year-old former "Top Model" judge is working on.

Conan once worked as a "Tonight Show" correspondent for Jay Leno

Check out Jay's "old friend" deliver a report for Leno approximately 14 years ago.

"Nip/Tuck" stars land pilots

Dylan Walsh and Joely Richardson will star, respectively, on CBS' "ATF" and ABC's "The Whole Truth."


February 28, 2010

CBS pilots go to Eric Close, Nicole Sullivan, Bob Odenkirk, Amber Ramblyn
Close will join "Chaos," Sullivan will star in "Sh*t My Dad Says," Odenkirk has joined "Team Spitz" and Tamblyn will star in "Quinn-Tuplets."

Janeane Garofalo to play a nurse on CBS

She has joined John Well's "Untitled Medical Drama."

"Big Bang Theory" meets "Lord of the Rings"

Check out Sheldon's transformation.

Marie Osmond's son commits suicide

Michael Blosil left behind a suicide note before jumping to his death in downtown L.A. on Friday night.

NBC orders more of "The Sing-Off"

The December competition will be back for a 2nd round.

"SNL" gives a shout-out to Betty White

The "Golden Girls" star got her name dropped on a digital short last night amid talk of her hosting.


February 26, 2010

Dermot Mulrooney is the new "Rockford"
NBC has tapped the big-screen star to helm the remake of "Rockford Files."

Jay Leno goes curling in his latest "Tonight" promo

"Curling is a fever you catch, and it catches you."


February 26, 2010

Grace Park joins "Hawaii Five-O"
The "Battle" star will play Daniel Dae Kim's niece.

"Modern Family" going on a Hawaii vacation

Exec producer Steve Levitan says of the vacation, filming next week: “Jay thinks that he and Gloria are going by themselves for this romantic getaway, and she surprises him by inviting the entire family."

Ousted "Idols" say judges were tough

"They were coming in throwing punches," said Ashley Rodriguez. "I wouldn't say they were too hard but we definitely could have used a little bit of love from them, that's for sure." PLUS: Why Tyler called out the judges, Janell Nashville-bound and Joe Munoz doesn't blame screen time.

"Battlestar's" James Callis joins "FlashForward"

The actor, who played Dr. Gaius Baltar, will appear in the final episodes of this season in a major role.

"My Boys" over? Jordana Spiro heading to NBC

She'll co-star with "Ugly Betty's" Becki Newton in "Love Bites," a dramedy that, for Spiro, is in 2nd position to "My Boys," which returns for its 4th season this summer.

Jon Cryer's alleged hitman may have a Mexican gang connection

Accused drug smuggler may have been asked to put out a hit.

"Max Headroom" and "The Norm Show" are coming to DVD

Jeffrey Tambor starred in "Max Headroom," while "Norm" featured Norm MacDonald, Artie Lange, Laurie Metcalf, Ian Gomez and Faith Ford.

"HIMYM" co-creator reveals spoilery development

Says Alyson Hannigan: "I'm always the LAST to know!"

Christopher Gorham likely won't return to "Ugly Betty"

He hasn't been asked back, and he says, "I don't know if I'm going to have time to do that, unfortunately."


February 26, 2010

Oscars hire a DJ — Joel Madden
The Academy Awards are really trying hard to grab young eyeballs this year. "We're friends and I asked him," producer Adam Shankman says of hiring Madden. "I wanted there to be a party atmosphere and I wanted to make sure everyone in the room was having a great time. He's one of the best, and knows most everyone there."

Randy Bailey complains about "Survivor's" evolution, calls Boston Rob P-word

"I could go on for hours…He turned on me," Randy says of Rob. "Some of this goes back to being a fan of the show and watching All-Stars. Lex was right. This game is not just a game, it's also life. It's evolved into something that I'm not particularly crazy about. It's too much of a game now. It leads to a lot of undeserving people making it far in the game. I'm not saying I should win, but I miss the old days."

"South Park" guys respond to "Eric Cartman's" Blackwater involvement

Says Trey Parker: "I saw that and thought, 'Wow, Cartman did that? That's pretty cool. Sounds like something he would do.'"

Melissa Rycroft won't attend ex-fiancés "Bachelor" wedding on Saturday

Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney are getting married tomorrow, but Melissa won't be causing a scene.

"Parenthood" sure looks a lot like "Modern Family"

The original "Parenthood" pilot — shot long before "Modern Family" became a hit — was dark. But with "Family's" success last fall and the addition of Laurent Graham, "Parenthood" is suddenly a light show.

Ryan Seacrest never pronounced Alison Iraheta's name right

All last season, and even last night, Seacrest kept getting the ex-"Idol's" name wrong. This morning, she corrected him.


February 26, 2010

Roger Ebert will go on Oprah Tuesday with his synthetic voice
He'll appear with his wife, Chaz, and give his Oscar picks. PLUS: How Ebert's computer voice was created.

Kirk Cameron reacts to "old friend" Andrew Koenig's death

The "Growing Pains" star tells People: "It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son." PLUS: Tracey Gold has "great memories" of working with Andrew.

Simon Cowell's girlfriend claims: We're engaged!

Mezhgan Hussainy met Cowell on the set of "Idol," where she worked as a makeup artist.

Winter Olympics beats "Idol" for the 2nd time

While Fox last night won among the all-important 18-49 viewers, NBC triumphed in total viewership.

"Modern Family" is a conservative throwback to the family sitcom

That's according to the Wall Street Journal, which tells the "Modern" story, describing how it "descends from a lineage of family sitcoms like 'All in the Family' and 'The Cosby Show'—programs that broached combustible social issues, but within the safe confines of loving families."

"The Office's" Craig Robinson is the new host "Last Comic Standing"

An NBC exec says, "We … think he's just funny as all get-out."


February 26, 2010

How to speak reality: "Bachelor" came up with "journey" to simplify feelings
"The Bachelor" creator Mike Fleiss wanted to use "journey" from the get-go so that contestants and the show's host wouldn't have trouble expressing themselves. As the Wall Street Journal notes, reality producers "must heavily coach their charges to get an often inarticulate public to explain their emotions in simple phrases audiences understand. All this prodding has given way to a lingua franca of reality television. The talk in part evolved from gritty daytime talk shows like 'Ricki Lake' and 'Sally Jessy Raphael' that thrived on getting guests to spill their innermost thoughts in succinct sound bites, producers say."

Jimmy Kimmel: I bet $100,000 on Tenley winning "The Bachelor"

Speaking on Ellen, Kimmel says of Vienna: "If he thinks that's a good decision, I don't want him flying my plane. That's not Sully Sullenberger-type decision making." PLUS: Jake blew $4,000 in business funds on ex-girlfriend.

New Jersey likely to host the Super Bowl for the 1st time

The NY Times calls it a "foregone conclusion" that Jersey will be awarded the 2014 Super Bowl.

"Family Guy's horse semen episode has generated nearly 200,000 FCC complaints

That's the most of any TV show.

Tina Fey, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve Carell to present Oscars

Also presenting: Jason Bateman and Ben Stiller.

Report: Karina Smirnoff also won't be "Dancing" this year

She is expected, however, to be "helping with the choreography" this year, according to a source.


February 26, 2010

When will NBC start searching for Jay Leno's successor?
After losing Conan, the Peacock has to start over looking for Leno's replacement should he retire yet again. "NBC would be wise to start test-piloting some guest hosts in the Leno slot," says media studies professor Jeffrey McCall, who thinks that NBC needs at least three to four years to find Jay's replacement. "When (Johnny) Carson retired, they had already run a bunch of guest hosts through at 11:35 and had a sense of who could cut it and who couldn't.
Kevin Eubanks is back at work // Leno = Brett Favre // Leno's movie past

Seinfeld: "Marriage Ref" judges don't need to have successful marriages

Alec Baldwin failed at marriage. So is Larry David. But that doesn't matter on "The Marriage Ref," which debuts on Sunday. "Irrelevant. Irrelevant," says Seinfeld. "Totally irrelevant. It only gives them more expertise. The only thing I don’t want is people that don’t have experience. I’m not interested in your experience — just the perspective you gained from it."

"Bridget Jones": The TV show?

NBC Universal is looking at 90 British films — from "Billy Elliott" to "Four Weddings and a Funeral" — to see which has television potential.

Terry O'Quinn wants to star in a TV show with "Lost" castmate Michael Emerson

They would play hitmen in a pilot penned by O'Quinn.

Oscars will have a "Thank You Cam" backstage to keep speeches short

Winners can take as much time with the "Thank You Cam," before its videos are uploaded to the Web.

Were this week's "Idol" eliminations unfair?

Janell Wheelr didn't have the chops, but she did have that Tim Tebow conneciton. And as Shirley Halperin points out, Joe Muñoz had a great voice, but nobody knew who he was. Ashley Rodriguez was promising, despite a terrible first night. As for Tyler Grady, he "is exactly the sort of potentially zany rocker that can liven up this competition," says Halperin. "Otherwise, we could be looking at an endless parade of wannabe divas and John Mayers. And the judges were sending him mixed messages and contradictory advice, which he might have worked through had America voted him in for another week."
Ellen jokes about her first week // That new exit song is such a bummer
Chikezie arrested for using a stolen credit card to buy cologne
Music teacher: Are the judges watching the same show? // Cute boy factor!
Fox bleeped Alex Lambert for bad language // Bill Cosby sings Pants on the Ground
Adam Lambert: I'm coming back to "Idol," but not yet



February 26, 2010

Are there many sex tapes featuring "The Bachelor's" Rozlyn?

Gary Coleman suffers seizure on TV while taping "The Insider"

TV pilots go to 3 "ER" alums: Laura Innes, Shane West, David Lyons

Jerry Seinfeld sorry that his driver used a police placard

Coming soon: Snooki Doll // "Jersey Shore" cast to reenact Oscar Best Pictures

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February 25, 2010

Andrew Koenig committed suicide, says his dad who helped find the body
Walter Koenig and Vancouver police confirm that the "Growing Pains" star has died at age 41. "My son took his own life," said the elder Koenig who found his son's body while searching a Vancouver park with Andrew's friends today. "We've already said what a great guy he was and (what) a good human being. He was obviously in a lot of pain." (Watch Koenig's parents' emotional press conference)

Malcolm McDowell goes from "CSI: Miami" to "The Mentalist"

McDowell, who appears on Monday's "CSI: Miami," will appear in an upcoming "Mentalist" episode.

Claim: Jon Cryer's ex-wife hired a hitman to kill him

That's according to the ex-wife's ex-boyfriend.

"Felicity" predicted the iPad way back in 1999

J.J. Abrams: Psychic?

TV Land renews Joan Rivers

"How'd You Get So Rich?" returns in May.

Watch Kathy Griffin on "SVU"

As the "lesbian Al Sharpton."

Simon vs. Ellen

Apparently their "Idol" feud is real.


February 25, 2010

NBC will air Olympic hockey game live across the U.S. on Friday
The U.S. vs. Czech Republic semifinal won't be tape delayed. PLUS: NBC says household chores aren't getting done thanks to the Olympics.

"Leave Right Now": "Idol" unveils Season 9 exit song, from the 1st "Pop Idol" winne
This year's farewell song will be "Leave Right Now" (listen here) by first-ever "Idol" winner Will Young. PLUS: Ellen has a $150,000 "Idol" wardrobe.

Congresswoman rips Jeff Zucker for NBC's lack of diversity

The NBC boss tried to point out the Peacock's "Cosby Show" past, but Rep. Maxine Waters, who is black, didn't want to hear it. "That was then and now is now," she said, adding, "Black viewers deserve the kind of content they feel good about. … I don't understand why you don't pursue it and why you don't do it."

Report: Craig Ferguson pays audience members $20 each

About 50 to 60 of his 100 audience members are paid, according to Radar Online. Is this why he went audience-less the other night?

Chris Golightly: That's my "Idol" spot, I would've been better than Tim Urban

"I met Tim, he's wonderful, he's awesome as well, but we're two different people," says Golightly. "That's my spot. (Simon Cowell) wouldn't have said that to me."

"Bachelor's" Rozlyn denies sex tape, auditions for E! job

As Chris Harrison predicted, Rozlyn is interested in a Hollywood career.

Seth Green gets engaged

He's set to marry 30-year-old model/actress Clare Grant.

Fitness trainers sue Oprah

Two trainers were supposed to train Oprah's staff for a potential segment on her show, but their contract was canceled at the last minute.

BBC America to air "Doctor Who" on a 2-week delay

The Matt Smith episodes will debut on April 17, two weeks after the British premiere.


February 25, 2010

Ellen's ratings soar thanks to "Idol"
"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" posted its highest-ever ratings the same week she joined "American Idol."

Why "Boner's" parents walked out on "disrespectful" Larry King

"We felt it was disrespectful," Walter Koenig said of last night's "Larry King Live," which bumped the Andrew Koenig segment to the final five minutes.

CW optimistic about "Life Unexpected" — "Melrose Place"? Not so much…

CW boss Dawn Ostroff says of "Life Unexpected's" renewal chances: "I would say it's got a real shot at this point." As for that other show, she says, "We hope Melrose Place picks up steam."

Matthew Fox denies affair

His rep says a stripper made up cheating claims for "financial gain."

Report: George Lopez won't pay $21,000 he owes kids' charity

He bid $21K for a one-year gold membership that would benefit the  $Joe Torre's Safe at Home Foundation. Yet two years later, Lopez still hasn't paid the money, according to the charity.

Jerry Seinfeld's ex-girlfriend of 8 years stunned by his "Marriage Ref"

“Seinfeld? Marriage counseling? WHAT?!” exclaimed Susan McNabb, now 50, an ex-model who dated Seinfeld in the '80s.


February 25, 2010

"Glee" making Neil Patrick Harris a meanie
A "Glee" insider tells E! that his character will be "really funny and really mean," and "much more of the Dr. Horrible variety than Doogie Howser, M.D."

Tweeting Conan easily beat a non-tweeting Leno, but can he top Fallon's 2.5M?

Comparing Conan's 295,000+ Twitter followers to Jay's 30,000 isn't really fair since Leno doesn't actually tweet and his @jayleno account is used for his talk show (just like Conan had his own "Tonight Show" Twitter account that attracted little attention). A better comparison might be late-night Twitter King Jimmy Fallon, who has amassed nearly 2.5 million followers in more than a year of tweeting. Will Conan catch up to his successor? PLUS: Conan's squirrel responds on Twitter. UPDATE: Conan's 2nd tweet: "I watched Remington Steele … I was naked."

Will Conan upstage Leno next week with live shows announcement?

Don't be shocked if it were to happen.

Jimmy Fallon says he's looking forward to Leno's return

Though, during an appearance on "Today," he was careful to point out that it was "unfortunate" the way things worked out with Conan.

Quit complaining!: "Idol" singers are supposed to sound bad at this point

They are all diamonds in the rough, who are expected to sound horrible, says Eric Deggans, pointing out that they still have to get over their nerves, adjust to the sound while becoming polished performers. "There's no underestimating the heebie-jeebies which can come from singing live, for the first time, in front of a TV audience of millions," he says.
Of course the guys are nervous: Judges behaved more like inquisitors than mentors
It was "Revenge of the Nerds" // Inside Simon's dressing room
Guys missed chance to make the girls look bad // Pete Wentz is on Team Garcia



February 25, 2010

"Idol" beats Olympics yet again // Olympic viewers are mostly female, white

Check out "Project Runway," the video game

Jay Leno drops by Craig Ferugon's dream

Gordon Ramsay cuts off his fingernail during Ellen cooking demonstration

Happy 92nd birthday to "SNL's" Don Pardo!

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February 24, 2010

"Bachelor" Rozlyn: Sex tape star?
A tape allegedly featuring Rozlyn is reportedly being shopped around.

Tracy Morgan unveils "Impregn8ted" music video, featuring Jimmy Kimmel

Check out Tray-Mo and Lil' Jim.

"The Daily Show's" Jason Jones snags ABC pilot

He'll star in "How to Be a Better American."

Does "Two and a Half Men" have Charlie Sheen insurance?

And does his contract contain a morals clause?

"Boner Stabone's" parents walk out on Larry King

Walter and Judith Koenig, parents of the missing "Growing Pains" star Andrew Koenig, never even made it on air.

Scary Spice in the running for "Dancing" co-host gig

Can Mel B. Samantha Harris' shoes?

Carrie Underwood: "HIMYM" cavewoman, nurse, flight attendant

Go behind the scenes with Carrie on "How I Met Your Mother."

NBC puts "Prime Suspect" remake on hold

Finding a Helen Mirren-type actress has been tough work.


February 24, 2010

Conan O'Brien joins Twitter
Yup, that's really Conan tweeeting away, verified by Twitter itself and Aaron Bleyaert, Conan's former blogger on "Late Night" and "The Tonight Show." Conan's 1st tweet: "Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me."

Adam Rodriguez: Why I'm returning to "CSI: Miami"

Basically, CBS met his demands.

Lawyer: "Deadliest" son wasn't drunk driving

"He didn't have a sip of alcohol," says Jake Harris' lawyer.

"Family Guy's" Patrick Warburton wasn't happy with Sarah Palin joke

"I know it's satire but, personally, that (joke) bothered me too," he said today while promoting "Rules of Engagement."

Brett Favre added to Jay Leno's 1st "Tonight" week back

No. 4 will be a guest on March 4th. PLUS: Watch Jay's new Facebook message.

Matthew Fox accused of cheating on his wife with a stripper

A 25-year-old stripper claims she had an affair with the "Lost" star.

Check out Kathy Griffin's "Emmy-winning" performance on "SVU"

Says Kathy of playing a lesbian: "First of all, let me apologize to the other ladies who are going to lose the Emmy to me this year because they probably worked very hard. But you know what? It's my time."

"Lost" gets bear trap wrong

Claire's trap is just too small for a human, according to a bear trap expert.


February 24, 2010

CBS extends Les Moonves' contract to 2015
The CBS boss' contract was set to expire next year.

Patti LaBelle: Some of the "Idol" judges aren't qualified to judge

She wouldn't, however, name who the "some" are.

22 cop pilots are on tap for next fall

This pilot season is also riddled with many doctor and lawyer dramas.

Kelly Ripa tattoos her hubby's name to her wrist

Check out her "Consuelos."

Letterman moved his vacation to compete with Leno next week

Dave was supposed to be off next week, but he's off this week instead.

Adrian Pasdar pleads not guilty to DUI

The "Heroes" star didn't attend a court hearing this morning.

Denise Richards warned "Two and a Half Men" about Charlie Sheen

She reportedly contacted one of the execs from the show on Monday morning about his relapse.

"Lost's" Emilie de Ravin on Jungle Claire

What does she think about John Locke/Smocke?

Watch a preview of Jessica Simpson's "Price of Beauty"

VH1 sent her around the globe.


February 24, 2010

"Idol" beats the Olympics
After losing to NBC's Winter Olympic coverage last Wednesday, "American Idol" last night went back to its normal No. 1 spot.

Maksim confirms: Pam Anderson will indeed compete on "Dancing with the Stars"

"They did an amazing job keeping everything a secret this time, but we know that Pam is on," says Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who also confirms that he'll be back. PLUS: Kate Gosselin and Evan Lysacek are rumored to be "Dancing" stars.

TV Land's "Andy Griffith Show" statue vandalized

A statue of Andy and Opie in Mount Airy, North Carolina was covered with green and red paint.

Craig Ferguson's audience-less show was a tribute to Tom Snyder

Watch him interview Stephen Fry the way Snyder's "Late Late Show" used to do circa 1995. PLUS: Is Ferguson the new king of late-night.

"Parks and Rec's" Nick Offernan: Catholic church made me a comedic actor
"I first learned my sense of humor in performing in silence for my cousins and friends in the church," he says, adding that it consisted of "a lot of deadpan. Jaw clenching. I was an altar boy, and then I began to do the readings of the gospel, probably in my early teens, and that was the beginning — I’d have eight guys just rolling in the aisles. And everyone else thought I was delivering a heartfelt performance. It was really fun."

NBC's Olympics are lower-rated than '98 games, which had half the U.S. medals

The 1998 games, which were broadcast on CBS, drew more viewers, despite being based half a world away in Nagano, Japan. PLUS: NBC temporarily out of 4th place thanks to the Olympics.


February 24, 2010

"Idol" women and a stumbling Ellen fail to impress
"Oh, how quickly the mighty have fallen," Mary T. Kelly says of the hype over this year's crop of female contestants. "The performances, in a nutshell, were bland, lifeless and safe. Many of the women forgot that their specialty was themselves. Many played it safe by trying to imitate the likes of Mariah Carey and Melissa Etheridge, and like many Olympic figure skaters, many fell flat on their faces." As for Ellen's live debut, she seemed nervous, says Kelly, "as she was stuttering and stumbling to tell some of the contestants they were nervous. Ellen gave me a twitch." PLUS: Everybody seemingly wanted to impress Simon Cowell.

Does Didi have an unfair "Idol" advantage with her Kara connection?

Turns out Kara DioGuardi and Didi Benami share the same songwriting partner, Jason Reeves.

Perhaps "Lost" characters don't want to find answers

"I thought that overall this was another very strong outing for 'Lost,'" says Noel Murray. "I didn’t even mind Jack doing the typical Lost thing of destroying a location/object/person who could help him find answers, because I’m starting to think that these kind of dumb moves aren’t just easy ways for the writers to prolong the story, but actions with their own thematic significance. These are characters—Jack in particular—who may not want answers, because confronting the truth about themselves could be deeply upsetting."
Was "Lighthouse" a tribute to the video game "Myst"? // Or Virginia Woolf?
A father-son filler episode // Finally, an axe murder // 9.9 million tuned in
Has there ever been a character in TV history who overreacts more than Jack?
"Survivor" producers > "Lost" producers // Creepy Claire is a blast



February 24, 2010

Coming to "SNL": Zach Galianakis, Jude Law, Pearl Jam, Vampire Weekend

Credit Twitter and Facebook with helping boost TV ratings

ESPN pranked by the same Howard Stern fan who punked them in 2003

Rozlyn's "Bachelor" roommate: Producers took advantage of the whole situation

Don Draper's beard makes a comeback // Jon Hamm: Superhero?

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