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When will NBC start searching for Jay Leno’s successor? — TV Tattle

February 26, 2010

When will NBC start searching for Jay Leno's successor?
After losing Conan, the Peacock has to start over looking for Leno's replacement should he retire yet again. "NBC would be wise to start test-piloting some guest hosts in the Leno slot," says media studies professor Jeffrey McCall, who thinks that NBC needs at least three to four years to find Jay's replacement. "When (Johnny) Carson retired, they had already run a bunch of guest hosts through at 11:35 and had a sense of who could cut it and who couldn't.
Kevin Eubanks is back at work // Leno = Brett Favre // Leno's movie past

Seinfeld: "Marriage Ref" judges don't need to have successful marriages

Alec Baldwin failed at marriage. So is Larry David. But that doesn't matter on "The Marriage Ref," which debuts on Sunday. "Irrelevant. Irrelevant," says Seinfeld. "Totally irrelevant. It only gives them more expertise. The only thing I don’t want is people that don’t have experience. I’m not interested in your experience — just the perspective you gained from it."

"Bridget Jones": The TV show?

NBC Universal is looking at 90 British films — from "Billy Elliott" to "Four Weddings and a Funeral" — to see which has television potential.

Terry O'Quinn wants to star in a TV show with "Lost" castmate Michael Emerson

They would play hitmen in a pilot penned by O'Quinn.

Oscars will have a "Thank You Cam" backstage to keep speeches short

Winners can take as much time with the "Thank You Cam," before its videos are uploaded to the Web.

Were this week's "Idol" eliminations unfair?

Janell Wheelr didn't have the chops, but she did have that Tim Tebow conneciton. And as Shirley Halperin points out, Joe Muñoz had a great voice, but nobody knew who he was. Ashley Rodriguez was promising, despite a terrible first night. As for Tyler Grady, he "is exactly the sort of potentially zany rocker that can liven up this competition," says Halperin. "Otherwise, we could be looking at an endless parade of wannabe divas and John Mayers. And the judges were sending him mixed messages and contradictory advice, which he might have worked through had America voted him in for another week."
Ellen jokes about her first week // That new exit song is such a bummer
Chikezie arrested for using a stolen credit card to buy cologne
Music teacher: Are the judges watching the same show? // Cute boy factor!
Fox bleeped Alex Lambert for bad language // Bill Cosby sings Pants on the Ground
Adam Lambert: I'm coming back to "Idol," but not yet


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