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2010 May 21 — TV Tattle

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel confronts Darlton with "Lost's" original "self-contained" pitch
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse sat down for their last interview for a while, Kimmel quickly pointed them to the 2004 pitch to ABC promising a "self-contained" show accessible to everybody. "Viewers will be able to drop in anytime," said the pitch, which Lindelof claims was actually written by J.J. Abrams. (Watch Part 2, where Kimmel nearly chokes up.)
"Lost" memorabilia may end up in the Smithsonian
Some "Lost" fans are staying off the Internet to avoid spoilers
Jorge Garcia answers Jimmy Fallon's intense "Lost" questions
Watch Kimmel's "Lost" Unnecessary Censorship // Hanso training video for finale
Jay Leno spoofs "Lost" // Middle/high schoolers take "Lost in Philosophy" class
Hawaii will miss "Lost": Foam-maker earned $450,000 from the show
Part of "Lost's" beauty is not answering every question
Pro-immigrant org creates "Lost" exhibit // The best "Lost" memes, videos, art…
Is Evangeline Lilly dating another "Lost" employee?

HBO will let some "Lost" finale viewers watch a special "True Blood" clip

If you live in New York, L.A. or Philly, a special code will flash Sunday night that you can access via a smartphone. PLUS: HBO will offer "True Blood" premiere screenings in theaters two weeks early, on June 1st.

Just-released movies could be on your TV screen 30 days after theatrical release

Movie studios are considering charging $20 to $30 to watch "home theater on demand."

"The Bachelor's" Vienna to dance on "Dancing"

She and fiance Jake Pavelka will dance together in the season finale.

How "Life Unexpected" dealt with being on the bubble

The fate of the CW series left creator Liz Tigelaar on edge for weeks, until she got the good news on Tuesday. PLUS: Check out photos from "LUX's" upfront.

Lady Gaga "Glee"

Watch the one-minute trailer for Tuesday's Lady Gaga episode.

Maternity ward reality show coming to Lifetime

"One Born Every Minute" will capture the pregnancies and births in a maternity ward.


May 21, 2010

Paula Abdul may return to "Idol" to bid Simon farewell
According to People, Paula is taking part in a special send-off that will be shown during the finale. PLUS: Kara DioGuardi is now a radio DJ.

Can Bret Michaels save "Celebrity Apprentice" from the "Lost" onslaught?

With his recent health problems, Michaels — who was released from the hospital today — may give a ratings boost to Donald Trump on a night when many eyeballs will be focused on ABC. PLUS: "Access Hollywood" reports that Michaels is violating doctors' orders by going on "Celeb Apprentice."

James Marsters gets engaged

Spike from "Buffy" and "Angel" star, now 47, is set to marry 24-year-old Patricia Rahman, a fashion design student in Germany.

"Sex and the City" dumps Mac for PC

Carrie Bradshaw's Macintosh laptop was practically its own character, but not after HP paid for product placement for the movie sequel.

Cats re-eanct the entire series of "Lost"

PLUS: "Lost" gets a Scooby-Doo ending and check out a gallery of "Lost" cakes.

"Next Top Model" upgrades Seventeen for Vogue Italia, and gains new credibility

Next season, contestants will be vying for the cover of the magazine deemed the most prestigious in the fashion industry.

"Glee" pits Puck vs. Artie

Both have to re-audition for the Glee club next season — for only one slot.

Apple's Mac Vs. PC ad campaign has been canceled

The "Get a Mac" ads with Justin Long and John Hodgman had been around since 2006.


May 21, 2010

"Grey's" season finale didn't learn from Columbine — was it set in 1998?
"Simply put, the episode ignored every lesson learned by police in the Columbine attack," says Michael Roberts in the Denver Westword. "The after-the-fact analysis of the Columbine massacre showed that the decision by law enforcement types to wait outside the school for a long stretch increased the body count substantially. Since then, police departments across the country have revised their tactics. Now, rather than lingering, SWAT teams and the like rush into crime scenes much sooner." PLUS: "Grey's" earns its best ratings in 6 months and: What took so long for Shonda Rhimes to do an "ER"-type episode? UPDATE: Shonda Rhimes answers burning questions, says there was only one "real death" in the season finale.

Emmy battle is on: Conan's "Tonight Show" vs. Leno's "Tonight Show"

Both "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" and "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" have submitted entries for best variety series Emmy.

NBC lets "Community" say "Bring Conan Back"

Conan O'Brien's name returned to NBC last night, via a "Community" shout-out.

Study: Reality shows contain more aggression than scripted TV

A Brigham Young University study found that reality TV shows contained an average of 52 acts of aggression per hour, compared with 33 acts an hour for non-reality programs.

20,639 actors are alums of the The "Law & Order" School of Drama

Monday's finale alone will feature 167 people on screen, 125 of them as extras.


May 21, 2010

Simon Cowell tells Oprah "Idol" suffered without Paula, admits depression
"I think we had a great team," he told Oprah, adding that "American Idol" shouldn't replace him with another Ellen. Cowell also revealed he has a dark side: "I get very, very down. Pretty much depression." PLUS: Check out Simon with long hair and mustache.

New fall shows harken back to the '80s

From Tom Selleck to Dana Delaney to the "Dallas"-like "Lone Star" and "Hawaii Five-O" (which ended in the '80s), everything old is new again on the broadcast networks. "Programmers are making a bold gamble … on what worked in the past," says Scott Collins. "The 1980s make a reassuring reference point, not just because most of today's 40-ish programmers came of age during that era. It was also the high-water mark of the four networks (Fox started in 1986), the time of greatest audience reach before the relentless incursion of cable and the Internet."

Relationship sitcoms are all the rage among new shows, but not family comedies

Do ABC's rivals fear "Modern Family" comparisons?

"Survivor" James Clement lands cameo on "The Young and the Restless"

Clement will appear on his favorite soap on June 4th, playing a police officer.

Liz Lemon is recession America's Carrie Bradshaw

That's according to Molly Marie Griffin, who finds many parallels between the "30 Rock" and "Sex and the City" characters. "There's a new everywoman on Fifth Avenue these days," she says. "She's messy, she's mean, and she's making ham the new black." PLUS: It seems like "30 Rock" writers are tired of Liz Lemon jokes, too.


May 21, 2010

What happened when William Shatner met the dad from "$#*! My Dad Says"?
"It's funny," says "$#*! My Dad Says" Twitterer Justin Halperin, "they met each other on the taping of the pilot. It was pretty awesome because Mr. Shatner is a lot like my dad. Mr. Shatner walks up and he's like, 'Hello, sir,' and my dad says, 'Hello, sir,' and they take a picture together. Then they turn around in opposite directions and walk away. (laughs) It was pretty great." PLUS: Shatner says: "We say spit; why can't we say sh*t?"

Casey James: "You don't always get the chance to do what you want to do" on "Idol"

Why didn't we see the louder and rougher version of him? PLUS: Lee DeWyze is the fave to win.

"Ron Swanson" predicts "Parks and Rec" will return in the fall

Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari are totally fine with returning in 2011. But Nick Offernan says, "Apparently, there's a bit of a public outrage taking place. It makes us feel good," adding: ""We're shooting six episodes that were meant to be in the fall and might still be. You never know how TV plays out." PLUS: "Parks and Rec" has been out-"Office"-ing "The Office" all season and watch the producer's cut of the season finale.

Will Forte rejected "SNL's" MacGruber sketch 2 to 3 times

If it wasn't for writer Jorma Taccone's pestering Forte to play the role, there probably wouldn't be a "MacGruber." PLUS: The last "SNL" movie was a decade ago ("The Ladies Man").

Chad Ochocinco's "Dancing" delayed production on his VH1 dating show

"Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch" is Ochocinco's 3rd reality show in the past year, after "Dancing" and HBO's "Hard Knocks."

"Old Christine" isn't giving up, but it looks like "Ghost Whisperer" will wind up at ABC

According to Deadline Hollywood, an "Old Christine" deal "appears very, very difficult to make," but its producers are fighting to get it on ABC.



May 21, 2010

Bret Michaels plans to attend "Celeb Apprentice" finale, despite stroke

"MacGruber" prompts "MythBuster" to pay tribute to "MacGyver"

"The Mel B Project": Spice Girl lands her own Style reality show

Watch a preview of crying Jesse James on tonight's "Nightline"

Watch the CW's official trailers for "Plain Jane," "Nikita" and "Hellcats"

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May 21, 2010

"Lost" may be the cheesiest show to ever change the face of TV
It's not just the wigs and the spoof-ready acting that makes it so cheesy, says Matthew Gilbert. As he notes, "For a drama that traffics in philosophy, religious allegory, physics, and literary references from Jane Austen to Kurt Vonnegut, 'Lost' has a decidedly B-movie feel. After the remarkably cinematic 2004 pilot episode, set immediately after the Oceanic 815 plane crash, the adventure has been pretty schlocky. On the cusp of the mass release of 3-D TV, with 'Avatar' pulling the art of special effects into the future, “Lost’’ comes off as an especially humble affair."
"Lost" only had 1 good season: Season 6 — rushed, muddled, dull — was weakest
"Lost" was a "Gilligan's Island" getaway for our nervous, crisscross-wired culture
Relationship, grief and loss counselor tells how to get over "Lost"
Please don't answer big questions!: The more we know, the more lame it seems
Check out a final scene, shown on Kimmel // Ilana Verdansky = Jacob's daughter?
Watch "Lost" moments from "Daily Show" and "Colbert" // Hip-hop tribute to "Lost"
Pilot clearly shaped final season // "Dr. Candle": I had no idea I'd be asked back
Jorge Garcia pens an emotional farewell to "Lost" (read an excerpt)
Cuse: "It would be impossible to write a finale that would make everybody happy"
How to find a "Lost" party — and get laid // "Lost" Food // "Lost" menu
"Lost" stars reflect Part 1 and Part 2 // What if it was all a dream? // Loving "Lost"
Cuse: "Lost" deserves a real ending, not a dream, or cut to black "betrayal"
"Lost" and God // New Yorkers' Lost-a-thon: 3 pals watch "Lost" non-stop for charity
"Lost" was all about God complexes // "Lost" DVD finale will be 20 minutes longer
Jimmy Kimmel: "Lost" really is my fave — "I give myself homework after each show"