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Report: “Today” staffers are shocked that Katie Couric is guest-hosting “GMA” — TV Tattle

March 29, 2012

Report: "Today" staffers are shocked that Katie Couric is guest-hosting "GMA"
"There were a lot of jaws dropping all over the place," said one "Today" staffer. "Then there was a lot of sniping."

New "SNL"-er is the show's first openly lesbian cast member

Kate McKinnon cut her teeth on the "Big Gay Sketch Show."

"Community" gets "hijacked" by Subway

Tonight's episode, says Adam Buckman, is "one of the most grandiose 'product-placement' arrangements ever staged. This one is so long, and so sustained — establishing a presence, and a plotline, for Subway throughout the entire half-hour — that it actually goes way beyond categorization as a mere 'product placement.'"

Charlie Sheen on "Anger Management": Here's your 1st look

Here are two images from the FX sitcom that were shown on "Today."

Is Ron Swanson the best "Parks and Rec" character?

"My love for Ron Swanson," says Mary McNamara, "is so fair and wild and true that it has become difficult for me to appreciate even the cockeyed wonder that is Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope or the comedically perfect pairing of April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) if Ron is not in the scene. My love for Ron Swanson is so close to devotion that I have begun to measure every man on television (and more than a few in real life) against him, and all of them fall lamentably short."

Stevie Nicks proved to be a perfect "Idol" mentor

Because she has nothing to prove.

For "Big Bang Theory," Leonard Nimoy and Stephen Hawking are "fantasy gets"

"Nimoy hits that level of pop culture fandom, and Stephen is the heir to Einstein," says co-creator Bill Prady. "It's a thrill beyond thrills."

Aziz Ansari recalls Obama trash-talking him

"Wow! The president burned me. That's pretty cool," he says of Obama joking that he has more Twitter followers than Ansari at a recent fundraiser.

Is HBO releasing too much "Game of Thrones" footage before Sunday's premiere?

So far, HBO has released six clips from Sunday's premiere.

See a preview of "Glee" on "Inside the Actor's Studio"

The cast's chat with James Lipton airs April 9. PLUS: Watch Darren Criss & Matt Bomer cover Gotye.

"Breaking Bad" + GIFs = Breaking Gifs

Check out Paul Scheer's new website for "Breaking Bad" Gifs.

Roseanne Barr tweets the address of George Zimmerman's parents

Roseanne quickly deleted the tweet of the man at the center of the Trayvon Martin controversy.

"South Park" creates a new meme at a GOP debate

Introducing "Faith Hilling."

Watch a 32-year-old Joan Rivers

From the 1965 movie "Once Upon a Coffee House."

Check out BBC America's Jack the Ripper

Former "Spooks"/"MI-5" star Matthew Macfadyen plays the title role in "Ripper Street."

Animal Planet renews 3 shows

"Pit Boss," "Pit Bulls and Parolees" and "My Cat From Hell."


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