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Disney exec: “Dancing” All-Stars was a bad idea that hurt ABC’s ratings — TV Tattle

December 5, 2012

Disney exec: "Dancing" All-Stars was a bad idea that hurt ABC's ratings
"We thought it was a great idea," Disney CFO Jay Rasulo said today at a conference. "Turns out people didn't want to see people who could dance. They wanted people who couldn't dance. So it's not easy to be a taste-master in programming a network."

Meet "The Bachelor's" 25 bachelorettes

They include a jumbotron operator and a "fit model."

Priscilla Presley: I would ban "The Simpsons"

The former wife of Elvis Presley says "The Simpsons" is bad for kids. "It's not good for people's moral compass," she says. "It's OK for adults as we can put it all together but it's not good for kids and I think we need to bring back something more family orientated like 'Leave It To Beaver' that I used to watch when I was growing up."

Danny DeVito on his marriage: "We're working on it"

"Rhea and I are really close," he says. "Actually, still together, just separate, but together."

ABC orders "Jenni," a comedy starring Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera

The comedy about a single Latina woman is from the producers of "Full House," "Step by Step," "Family Matters" and "Bosom Buddies." PLUS: ABC orders paranormal drama "Weird Desk" for next summer.

How is Ben Savage dealing with the "Girl Meets World" hoopla?

"It's been pretty . . . I'm gonna say pretty exciting. Let's leave it at that," he says.

"Inside Comedy" to feature Steve Martin, Drew Carey and the late Robert Schimmel

Also sitting down for an inteview in Season 3 are Robert Klein, Robert Schimmel and Martin Mull.


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